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RNS Quote of the Day: 11/16/06

From our good man, The Heartless Libertarian, in his post yesterday: The only reason I buy rifles that look naughty is because They don’t want me to have them.  

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The Soundboard: Dancing with Herself

Alternate title: She don’t love me, she loves my mp3 collection. As I mentioned yesterday, today’s Soundboard tunage relates to a new invention called the “gPod”. If you weren’t here yesterday (tsk, tsk) then you should read up. Otherwise this … Continue reading

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If they would only pay attention

Then they would know why the question was asked. The blogging left wants CNN TV personality, Glenn Beck’s, head right about now. Examples here, here and here. Beck was interviewing CAIR’s candidate in Minnesota, now Representative-elect, Keith Ellison (aka Keith … Continue reading

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That Old Double Standard

The bloggard left is up in arms over the story that someone connected to Fox News may have paid up to $2Million to speed the release of Steve Centanni and Olag Wiig, with John Avarosis of the AmericaBlog going so … Continue reading

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