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I love it when a plan comes together

I also like it when I can say I’ve made a decision. For those not here last week (tsk,tsk), I began a search for a new Main Battle Rifle (MBR) in preparation of the high probablilty of the new Congress’ … Continue reading

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Dare to be Stupid: 11/13/06

“Hey Dummy, We’re Better For You!” That is the message John Avarosis of AmericaBlog has for the American people. Even in victory, the American people can be so clueless At (best) some the American people need to grow up. If … Continue reading

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I never thought it would be illegal

This item came out during the week I was off, and then the election hit, so I put it off to the side. But now that that is all over; how many of you knew that it was illegal to … Continue reading

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My Own Challenge

Radley Balko, over at Reason.Com , has a challenge to Dems and lefty bloggers about how they promised to “Draining the Swamp” of Republican corruption in the House and Senate now that they have control. A respectable challenge, if I … Continue reading

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I get mail

More precisely, I get spam, and a lot of it. Since I have had the email addys over on the right hand column, I would say that the spam to the RNS e-maibox have tripled in frequency (if you care … Continue reading

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