Ahh, Yes

The Announcement.

This Wednesday, November 1st*, will the wife and I’s fifth wedding anniversary. As because I took the week off to get married, I now take the same week off every year to spend it with her.


As such, I shant be able to attend the blogosphere much during this time off and I have handed the reigns of the RNS Main Panel to our good man David, as you can see by his excellent posts below this one.

And now that we are done with the formalities, we shall thoroughly ditch the language.

OK, now, I’ll be in and around the sphere a bit, but I do have a couple of missions to care for this week (making sure the wife smiles a lot and getting items read for Afghanistan) so I will probably only pop in here with tunage and/or linkage. I don’t think the wife will take it well if I spend a good deal of time read/writing on the PC, so the links I toss up will just have short descriptions accompanying them.

I gather anywhere from ten to a dozen links a day, most of which get shitcanned, usually because I don’t have time to get all wordy at and after work. But I’ve kept all my links from last week and will figure out how to do a sort of shorthand post or something.

But not today. We have a minor emergency at home.

Polly the Big Ass Turtle has been rolling the rocks around in his tank and somehow managed to crack it. The leak is quite small, but it is still a leak. Unfortunately, the worst case scenario has come true and we have to dip into the emergency funds to buy a new one. That is second order of business.

The first order of business is to get some tunage posted up.

So here you go,

Love Gets Sweeter Everyday – Finley Quaye

A little bit of Rasta on this cold All Hallows Eve.

You can read about Finley Quaye here, and you can buy the album this tune came from here. While reading the former isn’t really all that important, buying the latter is very much so.

* – Yes, we consciously picked Dia De Los Muertos to get married. But only because a certain someone in the family objected to us doing the deed on Halloween. We said “OK, how about the day after” They said “All Saints Day? Of course!” and an agreement was reached.

You see, this way, when I see all the kids walking around in costume, I know I have to get an anniversary present. I may be forgetful at times, but I am not stupid.

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  1. Mugwug says:


    On the five year anniversary that is, not the cracked Turtle tank.

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