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All your space are belong to us

If it isn’t one thing, it is another. Last week, one of them was this President Bush has signed a new National Space Policy that rejects future arms-control agreements that might limit U.S. flexibility in space and asserts a right … Continue reading

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The Dumbest Thing I’ve Read All Day:10/23

Lyn Davis Lear, Hollywood clinical psychologist and wife of Norman Lear, gets conspiratorial at the Huff-a-ton Post Why is the White House so Eerily Confident about the Coming Elections? All week I’ve been reading in disparate sources from Drudge to … Continue reading

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Oh, that Liberal media

Joe Huffman wrote on Friday about the WaPo overly praising Edward O. Welles of the Brady Campaign after his death a couple weeks back and contrasts it with the complete lack of any kind words for any pro-gun advocate, people who actually … Continue reading

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When He’s Right

He’s right Lee of Right Thinking From the Left Coast And here comes the annual hysteria over a shortage of flu vaccine. Like all past hysteria about flu vaccine, this one will turn out to be complete bullshit.  Proof?  Here’s … Continue reading

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“Worst Economy Since Hoover!”

My left ass-cheek. Mr. and Mrs. Median’s $46,326 in annual income is 32% more than their mid-’60s counterparts, even when adjusted for inflation, and 13% more than those at the median in the economic boom year of 1985. And thanks … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day:10/23/06

“Hey Nutroots, Uncle Joe says to Suck It!” Jim K at Right Thoughts His comment pertains to a poll which came out last week showing Lieberman with a 17 point lead. What is the reaction by the Nutty Nedders? Complete … Continue reading

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I am so glad I moved out of Seattle

New Slogan for Seattle Publicity – “Metronatural” That’s the new tagline for an advertising campaign by the Seattle Convention and Visitors Bureau. The bureau says the “brand concept was designed to highlight Seattle’s rare and uniquely marketable combination of urban … Continue reading

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