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Have you ever wondered

Just how bad you have to be to piss off a Quaker? Here is your answer After years of welcoming homeless people to sleep on their property, a Quakers worship group in north Seattle has evicted its guests after a … Continue reading

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Highway Bribery

The City of Portland is now so horrible of a place for people with childrenĀ to live in, the city is ponerding bribingĀ families to stay. Portland to pay people to stop fleeing the city? Portland schools lose more students. There’s a … Continue reading

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In the Interim: Week 3 Day 2

Continuing on from yesterday’s memoirs of my time teaching at the Nippon Breat Technology Center, I figured I show off one of my students there who was doing television while in her senior year. Miss Yumishi was a very well … Continue reading

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