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Nerfworld of the Unlearned

Right here in my own backyard. You have to read these snippets to understand just how selfish and/or over-protective some of the people in Seattle are. Too much homework can be harmful, critics assert Is homework a waste of time?For … Continue reading

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Rampant Racism Funded at Colorado University

Unless you’re mentally deranged, then you’d call it “Affirmative Action”. Diversity Tops CU Leaders’ “To Do” List Increasing the presence of minorities on campus will be part of the evaluations used to set salaries for top administrators, University of Colorado … Continue reading

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21st Century Entertainment

Finally, I convinced the wife to buck up and take advantage of our cable provider’s offer of a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) instead of just our standard cable box on the main TV in the house. We took delivery of … Continue reading

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Fools! Buffoons! Insolent Bastages!

So I’m eating my 1/2lb Angus burgers before heading off to work last night, and the wife is watching one of her favorite channels, Bravo, from the dining room. They were showing the last half of their “Top 100 Funniest … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day — 10/03/06

…[A] gun isn’t a magic wand that repels bad guys. Think of it, instead, as a fire extinguisher. If you’re looking to prevent fires in your home, a fire extinguisher isn’t your first purchase. Instead, you analyze your home with … Continue reading

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