Will they ever stop crying?

My guess is: No.

This photo appeared on the GOP.com website


If you look at the far left image you’ll see, ‘Screaming Mad’ Howard Dean.

If you look closely at his upper lip, you’ll see a shadow.

The Looney Left are trying to make that ad out to be a vicious attempt by the GOP to put a Hitler mustache on Howard Dean.

However, if you look at the original photo


You’ll see that the only thing the GOP is guilty of is NOT manipulating the photo. The GOP did not use the ‘Lighten’ portion of the contrast slide to take the shadow away, as was done in this photo


So it basically comes down to left-wing bloggers, feeling sad that their media darlings were caught by right wing bloggers doctoring photos coming out of Lebanon, and had to try and come up with their own ‘photoshopping scandal’.

Unfortunately for them, there is no requirement that their opposition be made to make their Party Chairman look good. If they can use the same picture of Dick Cheney scowling in every ad they produce, the GOP doesn’t have to process the 5 o’clock shadows of their Chairman.

We won’t even mention all the Nazi posters carried by Democrats protesting the 2004 RNC in NYC.

It is such a pity when they have to make up their own outrages.

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