What is this

It’s like the blogging left are so confident in their success this upcoming November that they’re pushing the gun issue again 

Joe from the ineptly named AmericaBlog says that violent crime is on the rise and it’s Bush’s fault.

Another Bush legacy: increased crime and violence

He even includes the typical gun-bigotry heavy Reuters link.

Then the wholly unfunny Jesus’ General goes and mocks people using their privately and legally owned firearms for self defense.

Bring it on boys. Keep harping this loser of an issue.

I’ve always wanted to ask why they’re so willing to disarm the average citizen when they say how much of a dictator Bush is? Whenever I do pop that into their comments section, I get an OT response.

It’s like they’ve never thought of it that way.

Imagine that, they’re not thinking.

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3 Responses to What is this

  1. Raging_Dave says:

    Let them push that issue for all it’s worth. We already know that Leftists are anti-gun idiots. Let’s let them hang that label around their own necks once again.

    Run with it! RUN WITH IT, I TELL YA!

  2. Joe Huffman says:

    What is a “OT response”?

  3. Joe Huffman says:

    Oh, I’ll bet that means “Off Topic”. Right?

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