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Just like the cars in this story.

Nissan leased a small squadron of electric vehicles to the California city of Pasadena. A week or so back, the city’s lease expired and Nissan sent their trucks to the city motor pool to collect their property.

The city employees then took it upon themselves to block the trucks sent by Nissan from entering the lot and collecting Nissan’s property.

Sounds like theft to me, but the inmates at the Kos Kids Animal Farm and Petting Zoo believe the city employees were righteous beyond reproach.

The great story: Pasadena government employees blocked the trucks sent by Nissan to pick up and presumably destroy the cars.  We have heard the story about the GM eVs in California, and it is happening again.

While there are only 11 vehicles, evidently they still run great and are incredibly efficient.

But the real news today is that someone stood up and stopped it.  They likely don’t have a legal leg to stand on, but public action could create problems, and I would encourage a little post-CT rage against the machine.

If we stand up and make noise, Nissan will look poorly.

The story was posted at 2019 PST.

If you read through the comments of the post, you’ll see that it took less than 12 minutes for one of the Kos Kids to stand up and say that the City of Pasadena should claim Eminent Domain over the vehicles.

There is apparently no such thing as Private Property in the “Reality Based Community”. To them, if you believe something should be yours, the best recourse is to steal it and then try to shame the rightful owner into letting you keep it, just as Paul Scott, co-founder of “Plug In America”, the group who is leading the charge for this gang of thieves at the City of Pasadena motor pool.

“What we’ll do is shame Nissan, as we did Ford and Toyota,” Scott said, by drawing attention to Pasadena’s Hyperminis and publicly protesting the Japanese manufacturer.

Maybe the city should look into tossing Scott’s ass in jail and firing the larcenous city employees instead of playing puppet to an eco-socialist group who saw religion in the movie “Who Killed the Electric Car”?

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2 Responses to This link is a bit old

  1. Rivrdog says:

    Private property rights are verboten under all forms of Communism and severely diluted under Socialism.

    Figure it out. Both the Kos Krazies and their sypms in Pasadena don’t want to live under the Constitution, they want some sort of Communist or Socialist state. Kalifornia has morphed mostly into that socialist state, but one would think that Nissan still has the whip hand, legally.

    Were I Nissan, I would say damn the PC PR torpedoes and file an immediate lawsuit, and what’s more, I would put a RICO clause in it for the darling Kos Krazies.

  2. Myron says:

    I remember about a 157 years ago when the hippies were taking over a park in San Francisco I think (remember it was 157 yeaars ago) and calling it The People’s Park Al Capp was on the Tonight Show. He said let ’em have the park and start confiscating all their cars. To paraphrase (remember it was 157 years ago), when they said hey, that’s my car tell ’em not anymore, it’s the people’s Cheverolet.

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