Getting out the Vote: Part 1

Down to the wire, I tell ya!

With everything going on since the moving of Casa de Analog in March, guess who almost forgot to change/register his new address with the Washington Secretary of State so that he could vote?

Yep, me.

I’d been remembering and procrastinating for a while now, and then in a state of deep discombobulation, having woken up waaaaay too early yesterday afternoon, I decided that that was the appropriate time.

I went to the website, got the phone number, called and discovered that THIS SATURDAY IS THE LAST DAY TO GET CHANGES IN BEFORE THE PRIMARY!


Form printed out, filled in, applicable boxes checked and off to the post office I went. As long as it is post marked by Saturday, I’m good to go.

It was and I am.

Are you?

If you are a Washington State resident, you can go here to the online Washington State Voter Database (brought to you by Stefan Sharkansky of Sound Politics) and check your voter registration information for accuracy.

Because I know you’re all signed up to vote (right?), you can then go here and print out this PDF file to fix any inaccuracies.

Get it to your appropriate County Elections office, whose address you can find by calling the Washington Secretary of State’s toll free phone line, found here, which will transfer you to the people you need to talk to.

One thing that all this reminded me of is that I will never again be able to vote against Jim McDermott. Made me long for the good old days.

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3 Responses to Getting out the Vote: Part 1

  1. Rivrdog says:

    Nice of you to print that advice, AK, but I wouldn’t have, since most of those I know in WA (except you and my dear friend who runs Bill Hatch, Inc) are flaming Socialists, and I don’t want to encourage any more of them to vote for any more of their buddies.

  2. Analog Kid says:

    One funny thing I’ve learned by living here, RD, is that most socialists are lazy. I could post this info everyday for a month, and they wouldn’t use it to check on their status.

    People who believe in personal responsibility, the people who actually value their vote, on the other hand, have quite probably clicked through and double-checked their info, because they know that it is their duty to make sure it is correct.

    A good socialist will wait until they make their attempt to vote, and when they are rebuffed for not having transferd their information to where they are currently living or changed their name after they got married (the males hypenate their last names with their new wife’s with a scary frequency here) they will whine and complain and go run to a lawyer, when it was all their fault.

    But they believed it is the job of someone else, usually the county, to maintain and update their records.

    This is why we have ‘Provisional Ballots’. Because socialists are lazy.

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