D & What?

Ace says they’re old, but I’ve never seen these inspirational posters dedicated to role playing game geekdom¬†before, so I’m linking to them.

At least, I think I’d remember this one


Live the game. Love the game. Embrace your inner geek (or, in the case of women such as the Analog Wife, your outer one).

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4 Responses to D & What?

  1. David says:

    Oh yeah!! I still have all my D&D stuff lovingly packed away so I can enjoy playing it again with my kids… when I have kids… assuming they are actually interested in RPGs played using paper….

    Well, maybe that’s not realistic. Time to let go, David.

    BTW, the “Alignment” poster seems appropriate for this blog.

  2. Analog Kid says:

    Always a Chaotic Neutral, my good man.

    Always, always, always.


  3. David says:

    Heh. I first got into philosophy at age ten when I was entranced by Gary Gygax’s descriptions of the twelve alignments in the first (and best) Dungeon Masters’ Guide. If I had to pick the most influential TWO PAGES in my life, that would be them.

    And yeah, folks looked at me funny every time I said that CN made the most sense as an approach to life. I’ve had a “wandering alignment” since then, of course. Still, you always come back to that old-time relig- er, alignment from time to time!

  4. DFWMTX says:

    The D&D guides, esp. the DM guide was a great tool for helping me write stories during my high school years.

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