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Nosiree, this guy’s not a terrorist, not at all.

Jihad Watch notes that today’s “madman” driver — who killed at least one in Fremont¬†and injured 15 more in San Francisco, apparently by deliberately running into and over random pedestrians — a) is an young male Afghani named Omeed Aziz … Continue reading

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I almost forgot to tell you about

Me getting called a ‘Faggot’ this weekend. Normally, I would just laugh this off, but there were circumstances I wish to fill you in on. I’m getting back from my failed attempt to go to the¬†Church of the Holy High-Speed … Continue reading

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What if

This wasn’t Mexico Mexico’s top electoral court announced Monday that a partial recount will not change the outcome of the hotly disputed July 2 presidential election, which sparked a constitutional crisis and massive demonstrations that have shackled the capital for … Continue reading

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The Two Dumbest Things I’ve Read All Day

This is the first installment of a set of posts where I will write about the “Dumbest Thing I’ve Read All Day”. With today being the inaugural day, I’m going to start out with two, mostly because I couldn’t decide … Continue reading

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The shoe fits

But the Lamont supporters don’t like the look of it This pic is circulating across the left wing of the blogsphere like wild fire And they’re angry about it. They thought the papermache float depicting Bush and Leiberman in a … Continue reading

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More: They refuse to talk about issues

The local Democrat Party has decided that debating the issues with Mike McGavick, the Republican challenger for Maria Cantwell’s Senate seat is a losing proposition, because they are now suing McGavick’s former employer, Safeco Insurance, to discover if he was … Continue reading

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