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A Day Not Entirely Wasted

Yesterday, I spoke of returning to an activity I had been neglecting as of late. Oddly enough, David’s comment reminded me of another hobby that I had set aside, and that one I would like to touch upon just for a … Continue reading

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Monday Dog Blogging

For the last week, the Analog Wife and I have been hosting what has become the newest member of the Analog Household. Her name is Mrs. Butterworth She is a 10yr old tweenie Dachsund and we found her via a … Continue reading

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A Slight Change in Direction

Some folks noticed that last week I stepped up to posting a larger number of items involving idiotic or moronic statements from the left side of the blogosphere than usual. Not all were happy about it. I didn’t get actual complaints, … Continue reading

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Because they respect the voters

The looney leftists don’t want to give them a choice Seriously, it’s time for the Green party to get the hell out of here and stop throwing elections to the Republicans. John in DC at AmericaBlog Or a even a vote to some. … Continue reading

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I’m Confused Now

Martin Luther King Jr wanted America to become a nation where people were judged not on the color of their skin, but on the content of their character. Institutionally, and for the most part the citizenry as well, has done … Continue reading

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