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Diet Coke and Mentos

I guess the Feiler Faster Principle applies to political cartoons, too!  I hope I’m not showing my age too much by marveling that this YouTube video has become so widely viewed so quickly that a newspaper’s political cartoonist could unblushingly use it to lampoon … Continue reading

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They can’t even get the dead

To vote for their candidates and ideas Workers paid by a liberal group to register voters in Franklin County have turned in more than 500 forms with nonexistent addresses and potentially fake signatures, elections officials said yesterday. Board of Elections … Continue reading

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Been there. Heard that.

Perhaps you’ve seen this photo from Zombie’s post on the pro-Hizballh rally this last weekend. A lot of folks were shocked to see the blatant anti-semitism displayed in public, but not me. I listen to the Randi Rhodes show on my … Continue reading

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And so began ‘Darth Vader Week’

As always happens when I take time off, my work from the days I wasn’t there was left waiting for me. As I sat down at my desk three hours before my regular punch-in time I opened my work emails … Continue reading

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