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The Secret Revealed!

Sounds like the title to an impressive post, no? OK, let’s see here, winners of the guessing game from over the weekend were: Raphiel Benjamin, who was close, and gets 10% of the hundred billion zillion Monopoly type points for it. The other 90% get split … Continue reading

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We’re cooking now!

Have you ever done a favor that you considered rather minor for a friend, and then that friend comes to repay the favor in a completely improportional way that favors you to the point where you’re speechless? Well, I have. … Continue reading

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Poster Time!

I see that someone else also hadn’t seen the “D&D Inspirational posters” I linked to over the weekend, so I don’t feel too bad about missing them whenever they first came out. This is especially true since I found one that … Continue reading

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Watermelons from Pennsylvania

No, they’re not growing them there. Well, maybe in Philly. Overshadowed by the Lieberman loss (and lost in my links file), was this story about the Penn Repubs giving the Green Party of Pennsylvania a helping hand. Six staffers on … Continue reading

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Yet they claim that they’re so damn smart

I’ve seen the eco-socialists pushing California’s Proposition 87 on a few of the left wing blogs, and I must say, for people who claim they’re so much more intelligent than the average American, they have not a single clue as … Continue reading

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