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The X-Ray Effect

Okay, a buddy of mine saw this doohicky for sale on eBay and asked me if it was BS or not. I don’t have the optics/physics/tinkering background to say yea or nay. So I thought I’d toss it out to … Continue reading

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Will they ever stop crying?

My guess is: No. This photo appeared on the GOP.com website If you look at the far left image you’ll see, ‘Screaming Mad’ Howard Dean. If you look closely at his upper lip, you’ll see a shadow. The Looney Left are trying to make that ad … Continue reading

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More Media Distortion

Lost amid all the hubbub about the al-Reuters and NYT fauxtoshopping debacles may have been this wonderful gem: Major General McCoy’s righteously pissed-off letter to the Washington Post describes — in detail, with specific examples — the misleading and inaccurate nature of Andy Mosher and … Continue reading

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Just as strong as we could be…

US News and World Report cites an “insider” memo touting GOP voters’ overwhelming willingness and intent to “jam the November polls to return their team to Congress.” Like a rock, indeed. Click the link to read the article and the … Continue reading

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D & What?

Ace says they’re old, but I’ve never seen these inspirational posters dedicated to role playing game geekdom before, so I’m linking to them. At least, I think I’d remember this one Live the game. Love the game. Embrace your inner geek … Continue reading

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