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Guess Who’s Back

The Analog Wife is back, but that doesn’t mean that ‘Beef Week’ has ended at Casa de Analog. No siree! Because she remember my only request while she was in MT: Bison! I’ve got me 15lbs of Bison Burger waiting … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s News

Or at least for us Left Coasters, last night’s news. Lieberman lost. Everyone knew it was going to happen, just not by how much (except for Allah at Hot Air). 52-48 was the final count which, if you ask Lamont … Continue reading

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Yay! More Lists!

If you have some time and aren’t afraid of a bit of repetition, Greg Gutfield, a non-looney leftist who blogs at the Huffington Post, has a couple items you might like to read: 75 Questions to ask any Progressive A Post … Continue reading

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