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To Tell the Truth

Would completly squash their point. No, I’m not talking about the “Fair Tax” again, I’m talking about ‘Captain Future’, one of inmates at the Kos Kids Animal Farm and Petting Zoo. Here, Captain Future equates the bombing done by US and Britain’s … Continue reading

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It really is that simple

Found at TheNewSteveSilver.Net (who was linked to by Karol at Alarming News) is this quote from Margo Howard, daughter of the late Ann Landers, and published by Martin Peretz at The New Rebublic. OK, now that I’ve attributed everyone, here is … Continue reading

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Its a good idea

Let’s help him refine it. Our good man, Rivrdog has decided that he has had with all of the available political parties, and has decided that starting his own will suit him best. He calls it: The Retrotarians ( While … Continue reading

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Somebody warn Mr. Completely and Kee Wee! To write memoir, Steinem retreats to peace of Whidbey Island Mr. C, that creeping feeling of dread you feel as a human male is natural when she is near.

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Maybe they just wanted

To get a really good look at the Sears Tower? Egyptian exchange students missing on way to MSU Eleven Egyptian students who arrived in the United States last month are being sought by authorities after failing to turn up for … Continue reading

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