DANEgerous brings us the news that makes us happy and makes the eco-socialist cult cry

It’s a rather striking irony that, as our air grows cleaner, environmentalists’ complaints grow louder. Since 2001, they’ve been screaming that President Bush is “rolling back the Clean Air Act,” and that the resulting increase in air pollution will kill people by the thousands. Instead, every category of air pollution has fallen during the Bush years, with 2003, 2004, and 2005 showing the lowest levels of harmful ozone and particulates in the air since the monitoring of air pollution began in the 1960s. What exactly is going on?

A new report from the National Academy of Science concludes that the Bush system will likely prove just as effective in lowering air pollution as the regulation- and lawsuit-happy Clinton approach — and it will do so at a much lower cost.

One more time! Just like the ELFers!


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2 Responses to W-w-w-what?!?

  1. -B says:

    It seems odd to me that these same folks who constantly bitch about, as you put it, “screaming that President Bush is “rolling back the Clean Air Act,” ” weren’t more vocal about Clinton using his power and persuavise skills during his administration to increase CAFE standards (the enviro-weenies won’t shut up about this) or cleaning up and de-sulphurizing the diesel fuel for heavy industry. Both have now been implemented.

    Bush has, with the help of market driven demand, done more to decrease these types of emissions than Billy Boy ever did. In fact, during the Clinton years, deals were cut with the Big Three to decrease the penalties for all the SUVs they were making, by building engines that were merely flex-fuel capable, when the automakers knew that the engines would never be used with these fuels. A grease-job if I’ve ever seen one.

  2. Billy Bones says:

    I think President bush is doing a lot for the anti-pollution work by regulating such laws which stops or decreasesa the pollution.

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