Poor Little Leftist

Over the weekend I angered a very deranged woman, apparently by visiting the place where she blogs part-time. Her name is Brenda (or as I prefer to call her, “Brendolina” because she does act quite childish and therefore deserves a childs name) and her comments are right here.

Brendolina has become obsessed with the history of RNS. Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t learn well so let me fill y’all in so we can move onto my question to you, the RNS reader. (Addendum Added)

Back in 2002, Nukevet Neal started up Random Nuclear Strikes as a place to vent. I found a link to RNS via the now defunct ‘A Small Victory’ blog and started regularly stopping by and helping Neal splat trolls. One day in May 2003, Nukevet Neal had to go away on business and asked me to blog sit for him, which I gladly agreed to do.

When he got back, he was gracious enough to leave me with a log-in, and the rest, as you can see by the archives, is history. Neal also invited a gentleman who blogged under the moniker ‘Puggs’ and we were ‘The 3 Amigos-Less Dancing, More Guns’. Neal covered the South and East portion of the US out of Baton Rouge, LA; Puggs covered the Northeast and Midwest via Ohio, which left me the left coast.

Puggs had a growing family and, being a good father, he wanted to spend more time with the wife and growing chilluns and took a bow after a while. Neal’s cancer research and veterinary work was getting quite heavy and it just worked him into a state to where he just didn’t have the time or inclination to blog anymore. It was then that he offered me the keys to the Mighty, Mighty Blogstation Bunker of RNS.

I, of course, accepted.

Neal is now living in Canada as a proud American citizen, having left the University Plantation that was LSU, and is still doing his groundbreaking cancer research. He also occasioanlly blogs at Life in the Atomic Age. Mark is living quietly with the wife and growing chilluns somewhere in the midwest, doing what the big bear of a man does best, provide. He stops by every now and then, as he did this weekend.

And as you all know, I’m still here. I’ve brought together my own gang of psuedo misfits: First was Professor Booty who helped me out when I didn’t feel like blogging weekends, and then, just last year, our good man David, who was just such a good and levelheaded guy when I met him at Boomershoot 05 that I thought he’d fit in quite well around here. And he has.

And that, in a nutshell, is the sordid and scandalous history of RNS.

Brendolina has a problem with this.

You see, after Nukevet Neal got screwed by a certain hosting service that shall not be named, he switched to the excellent Hosting Matters. The “Host Who Shall Not Be Named” refused to give up the Nukevet.Com domain and Neal switched to the SoftGreenGlow domain.

When I took over paying for the bandwidth of the RandomNuclearStrikes/SoftGreenGlow blog, I gave all of the pertinent information (name, address, phone# and credit card info) to HM who then gave the info to the main domain registrar for the US.

But because said registrar is lazy and hasn’t updated the registration info, Brendolina did what any leftist who cannot depend on facts to win her arguments (which is why she loses so many) does, make threats.

Brendolina threatened to sic the internet police on me. She did this mostly because she, as a typical confused leftist, didn’t understand that it wasn’t my responsibility to make sure the data was current.

I don’t know what she wants my information so badly for; although after the physical threats made by the dingleberry from the last time, I’m almost positive that if she did have it, my vehicles would mysteriously turn up vandalized or my house defaced or that I’d be followed when I go out to dinner with the Analog Wife so that Brendolina could toss a drink into my face.

Typical leftist crap: When you cannot win an argument, get sneaky. When you have your ideas challenged, bitch, scream and threaten until that person goes away.

Unfortunately for Brendolina, she will have to do what I have never done at RNS, and ban me, before I stop questioning her logic. She cannot think in a straight line (unless it involves a right wing conspiracy) and I just love taking her crooked logic and straightening it out.

After my stalker from last year, whom I am sure I picked up from Brendolina’s place of blog and who made the exact same threats, I made it a point to contact HM to make sure the info was kept current so that I could keep dweebs with nothing else to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon except make harrassing comments off my back.

HM said that they contacted the registrar when RNS originally changed hands from Neal to myself, as they are required to do, but that since that didn’t work, they would make another attempt.

But, as can be witnessed by Brendolina’s over the top behavior this weekend, nothing has changed at the registrars.

Nevermind that I have an open invite to meet up with anyone who stops by RNS at just about any pistol or rifle range I can drive to, where they can meet me in person, or that I have, infact met over two dozen RNS readers via that very method. To Brendolina, I am a coward who used fake information when signing up with my Visa card to pay the bills around here.

Her last words to me as of 1730 Sunday evening were as follows,

“I gueess we will see if your fraud is OK with anyone except you.”

Yes Brenda, I guess we will.

So how about it folks, do you hate me and will refuse to ever stop by RNS again because I can’t move the heaven and the earth to get a psuedo gov’t agency to keep up with their paperwork?

Or is Brendolina a psycho-cunt with too much free time? BTW, I have no idea if that is her real name or not, but she does respond to the the email addy. Also, she has no registration info at her place of blog because she is only a part-timer and someone else pays the bills there.

Addendum: For the nearly 3 years I have been bloging and for the year prior to that when I was just a reader, if I was on this here interweb, I took time out to read left wing websites, some of which were absolutely vile.

NEVER, at any time during those four years, did I ever look up to see who owned a website. I can guarantee you that I read something that pissed me off more than once a week, and during certain weeks of the pre and post 2004 election cycle, I’m pretty sure it was a daily occurance.

But I never thought to try and find out personal contact information on a site owner/blogger.

This is because I respect other people’s right to say whatever damn batshit crazy they want, no matter how much it goes against my core beliefs or insults me.

Apparently, Brendolina and a couple of others in the past whose names I have forgotten don’t feel the same way.

But, of course, they will say that it is the right who hates the Constitution.

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14 Responses to Poor Little Leftist

  1. River Rat says:

    That’s it I am never comming back here again, and the reason is ? Oh well be back later, you can count on it. I may come back in 5 min just to piss of Brendabitch.

  2. CAshane says:

    “do you hate me and will refuse to ever stop by RNS again because I can’t move the heaven and the earth to get a psuedo gov’t agency to keep up with their paperwork?

    Or is Brendolina a psycho-cunt with too much free time?”

    I vote for the latter.

  3. Rivrdog says:

    She’s a stalker. Take it from a still-certified cop, AK, she’s a stalker.

    Standard advice on handling stalkers: document everything. Stalking by electronic transmission is illegal, as well as showing up in person. You need to list every communication she has ever made to you or about you or any effort she has made with third parties that affects you in any way.

    As far as acceding to her demands, if you have a contract with your hosting company, follow the contract. If the contract is unclear, get expert advice on interpreting it, and if conflicts still remain afterward, negotiate with the company to resolve them. If the hosting company admits your troll as a party in the negotiations, then you have to negotiate or give up the contract. If the company refuses to have anything to do with her, then continue to log her unwanted contacts. After about a half-dozen of these contacts, go to your County courthouse and file for a Stalking Protective Order, and petition the court to have the order include all forms of known communication. Pay to have the order served by legal messenger service. If service is impossible, and/or the order cannot be obtained because of lack of identification of the stalker, then, by filing for it, you have at least made an official trail indicationg that you ARE being stalked, and await the identification of the troll.

    Should you, by fortunate circumstance, ever run into this person called Brenda in actual space and time, call 911, and when the cops come, ask them to arrest her for stalking. You have probable cause for that, considering her continuing attempts to invade your personal life.

    Ask the cop to make a written report, and note the case number the officer assigns. THEN you have your identification for the stalking protective order.

    In Oregon, a police officer may issue a stalking citation on the spot, and the appearance of the stalker in court on such a summons is mandatory, and the process leads directly to a hearing for a Stalking Protective Order. If WA has this law, use it and have Brenda cited.

    All of these actions are doable without hiring an attorney, AND they are effective. The Court will make it VERY clear to Brenda that her pursuit of you, by ANY means, is inappropriate and now banned.

    By the way, AK, by properly naming Brenda in legal process as a stalker, should the issue come to a matter of your personal safety, any action that you take to properly defend yourself and your family will be much easier to have forgiven by the District Attorney.

    I hope this has been of some assistance in resolving your problem, and if Brenda sees this comment, I hope that she takes the information here to heart and realizes that she is on very thin ice, indeed. Her attempts to harass you politically via your hosting company have crossed over into personal harassment, and that is the basis for the crime of Stalking.

  4. Rivrdog says:

    This is for Brenda, Brendolina, Brendilini, or whatever she actually goes by.

    You might consider my above advice to AK as a personal attack on you. It isn’t. I am offering advice as a law enforcement professional (recently retired).

    For your further edification, Brenda, were to you to check up on ME with the same fervor that you are attacking AK, you would find that I have a clear history in law enforcement.

    Should you review that history, especially the last three years of it, you will find that I was required by standards of professional conduct to operate against several political organizations. If you consult those public records, you will note that all of those organizations were actually on the far RIGHT of the political spectrum, not the LEFT. I was actually sued in Federal Court for civil rights deprivation as a result of those investigations, but the judge presiding in the initial hearing ruled that ALL my actions were professional, and involved no deprivation of civil rights. The plaintiff eventually withdrew his lawsuit against the Sheriff also.

    Holding those credentials, I stand here and tell you that your actions in pursuing AK are not covered by the First Amendment as protected speech, but instead, are demonstrably those of a criminal stalker.

    I advise you to desist for further stalking actions.

    If you desire further communications with me, use the email address provided. In private communications, I am prepared to professionally identify myself, my previous office, and my professional certifications.

    dba Rivrdog

  5. freddyboomboom says:

    As one of those who’ve met you face to face, in person, I’ll continue to come by and read you’re thoughts, as well as the thoughts of David (who I haven’t met, yet), and Proffessor Booty (who I haven’t met, yet, either, but we share a professional interest).

    As far as Riverdog’s comments, take them seriously. Both AK and Brenda…

  6. R.S. says:

    Speaking as an IT guy – it’s not uncommon for Internet registrar to screw up like this. They handle thousands of updates a day, and no process is perfect, so stuff like this happens sooner or later. As long as you have clear documentation that you’ve attempted to get the updates posted then the fault is clearly placed with the registrar.

    It can, and does, happen to anyone. Hell, I’ve had it happen to me on a company domain account.


  7. Rimfirejones says:

    I can’t wait until you are exposed by your new friend as the second shooter in Dallas that sunny November day in 1963.


    Sassy Troll Uncovers NW Bloggers Fatal Shot From Grassy Knoll

  8. Erik says:

    I, for one, am shocked and appalled that you have gone to such great lengths to misrepresent yourself here. Entry after entry on the blog referring time and again to your registration information, assuring us the readers that all was well and you….

    I can’t even maintain a level of sarcasm to finish that.

    Fuck Brendolina. Just another streer-corner lawyer who discovered a whois search and is now policing the internet.

    I experienced the same problems with my old host, and in fact had to escalate matters to the registrar (my host was just a reseller) before I could recapture control of my domain (made more complicated by the fact that I had moved three years previously and ALL the contact information was badly out of date).

    Solid advice from Rivrdog, I’d take a moment to document this properly. Brendolina sounds a little unhinged as it is, lord knows her spending hours googling “internet police” might just drive her right off the edge.

  9. David says:

    AK, as someone with (ahem) some familiarity with the law, I’ll agree that so long as you’ve documented your attempt to update the info, you should be fine.

    I’ll defer to Rivrdog on the stalking stuff as he’s got far more experience than I in such matters (I’m many things, but a criminal attorney is definitely not one of them — and a former cop knows a LOT of really important things about how the system works that many attorneys never will). What he says sounds good to me, though!

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  11. Do you want something to “happen” to Brenda? I believe I have assets in your area.

  12. Analog Kid says:

    Thank you all for your words of confidence and advice. I’m currently willing to give Brendolina enough attention for an order of restraint or anything of that nature, but I have alerted her that any further correspondence from her stands the high possibility to make the front page here.

    Hopefully, that will put a bit of water on her fire. As for you “Leader”, the answer is a resounding “No”. And it is the very last thing I want mentioned around these parts.

    As I wrote above, she can say just about any batshit crazy thing she wants, short of threats, and I frankly cound not give half a rat’s asshole. If she responds with threats, then I step up my defenses and personal alert level, which I can guarantee is greater than hers.

    So, despite some cool anime you post, knock it off with that. Thanks.

  13. Hahaha – I wondered why I was getting threatening mail from someone named Brenda Helverson. I really don’t appreciate being threatened by crazy internet trolls – especially those that think the best way to win an argument is to try and shut down sites they agree with.

    Seems like your resident stalker loves left leaning ideological websites, and resides in the NW if her internet spoor is any indication of her true self.

  14. highalpine says:

    Man, sorry you had to deal with that waste of time. It seems like there’s no reason that someone would want to look up your address unless they had some ill intent. Which brings us back to the meme of “what is your first line of defense when zombies attack”?However, thank you for the lesson in how to deliver a hearty smackdown to a crummy person!

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