Pacific Peril

No, that is not what I consider Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles, it was a disaster exercise that the Heartless Libertarian took part in last week that supposed an earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit the northwest coast.

While all of the disaster talk over the last week or so has concentrated on the coming of hurricane season, earlier this week I was a (very minor) participant in PACIFIC PERIL, a disaster exercise centered on a potential earthquake and tsunami in the Pacific Northwest-northern California, Oregon, Washington, and parts of British Columbia, mainly Vancouver Island.

Don’t let his disappointment in how the scenario was focused put you off, if you live anywhere near the areas he describes (and even if you don’t), you really should “Read the Whole Thing”.

You will probably learn something, and that is always a good thing.

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  1. David says:

    Hmm, Ocean Shores and Seaside will be wiped out, eh? Now where have I heard “Ocean Shores, Washington” before? Ah, yes — I see Erik Estrada pitching coastal homesites there on late-night cable channels from time to time. Evidently tsunami vulnerability hasn’t been factored into home-sale prices on the coast yet….

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