He’s a One Bag Man

Actaully, that should read “I’m a one bag man” because that was all I walked out with from the gun show.

I have been abusing my concealed-carry gun belts by wearing them to work my daily-wear web belts went MIA after the move (they’re in the damn house somewhere, I just can’t find them), so I bought a pair of new, non-chinese made, subdued buckle models in blue. Other than that, the only thing I snagged up was a new factory EAA Witness 45ACP mag at $10 under retail for a co-worker.

I met up with the Heartless Libertarian before entering the Western Washington Fairgrounds in Puyallup (pronounced: pew-all-up, which is appropriate because they used to do alot of dairy in that town) where the Washington Arms Collectors were having their show.

HL is a really good guy who knows his surplus rifles. In fact, he made an excellent buy yesterday that completed a trifecta for him, but you’ll have to wait until the man is ready to show it off to find out what it is.

HL and I are looking into holding a mainly rifle Blogger Blastorama around the end of June/first part of July at the Renton Fish and Game rifle range. Start keeping an eye on your calenders, we should have the date picked out here soon.

HL also got to meet Grimm yesterday. As did a couple of hefty wimmin who almost didn’t want to wait for me to exit my parking spot. The only reason it was a miss instead of a hit was because of some fancy footwork on my part. Their Mazda 626 would have made a nice hood ornament for Grimm though.

When I got home I found that the Analog Wife had gone shopping while I was at the show (it’s only fair I guess) and not only picked up the first Harry Potter book for me, but she had also found a copy of the DVD “The Aristocrats”. If you like a good dirty joke, and I mean a quite probably excrucitingly filthy joke, this DVD is for you. Don’t rent it, just go buy it. You’ll watch it over and over again. Hell, I watched it twice last night and laughed so hard throughout both showings that the wife thought I had gone mad.

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2 Responses to He’s a One Bag Man

  1. R.S. says:

    Where do you find out about the local gun shows? I always seem to miss them because I never know when or where they are going to be. This one is particularly frustrating – I could have been in Puyallup in 10 minutes if I had known…

    Seriously – what website am I missing? (I don’t read any of the daily papers. I have better things to do with my time.)


  2. Barb says:

    Can you make it the 15th, and tie in to the shootout that Francis Marion and I are hoping to pull together??

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