Pre-Day of Reckoning

Almost two weeks ago, on Easter Sunday afternoon, I last posted abotu the possibility of a strike by the Teamsters who drive the trucks where I work. At that time, they had gotten a verbal proposal that sounded good and they voted for another two week extension to negotiations so that our employer could put it in writing. They are supposed to vote on it tomorrow afternoon at 1400pst.

The trouble is, our employer has gone all chickenshit and hasn’t handed them their copy or the new contract proposal yet. The shop stewards are supposed to be picking it up this morning and going over it and then giving the union members the low-down on it.

From what I’ve heard of the verbal proposal, they’d be fools not to take it: A 75% cut in healthcare costs AND an increase to their hourly wage AND and increase into their pensions. If the paperwork reads anything liek the verbal proposal, the threat of a strike will be over and I can quit worrying about that BS.

There are no guards or high-powered mobile lights in the parking lot this time around, and there hasn’t been any monkey business from the drivers since my last post on it, but for some reason I’m just a bit on edge.

Part of the reason I’m so antsy right now is that if they, for some unknown reason, decide to strike, my vacation for next week is cancelled. And even though I’m not able to go to Boomershoot, I really do need a week off. Worse than a crackhead needs a hit. The office politics are just getting too damn nasty and I’ll have to make someone or a group of someone’s deaths look like random copier accidents if I don’t get out of there for a bit. I get six weeks a year, so I’ll be damned if I’m going to turn down a week that has already been approved.

So if’n you’re still interested about this, swing by on Sunday. I’ve been invited to a BBQ being held right after the vote on Saturday at the home of one of the drivers. I guess we’ll see if I’m being sacrificed or if the guys are offering the olive branch for the shenanigans a couple weeks back. If I survive I’ll be posting up the results that morning.

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3 Responses to Pre-Day of Reckoning

  1. Rivrdog says:

    The Rivrdog Plan: Take a sick day the last day before vacation (so they can’t notify you the vacation is busted), then start the vacation, with communications open. If they call you in, it should be double time and a half (by most wage and hour rules). If that ain’t adequate recompense, just save the $$$ and I’ll borrow it from you and buy a Barrett Mdl 95.

  2. David says:

    SIX WEEKS A YEAR!!!?!?!

    (grinds teeth in envy)

    Hell, I’m kinda hoping they strike. With those bennies, I’ll apply for a friggin job!

    Rivrdog, now I have to have our IT guy block this site so none of OUR employees see your post.

  3. AnalogKid says:

    Other than the calling in sick part, you got it RD. If they call me in, they still have to pay my vaca time on top of my hourly.

    Heya Dave, I was kind of ‘HeadHunted’ for this job. I asked for average hourly wages (I’ll never be salarized) but low medical and lots of vacation time, 1 week for every year I’m here and I’ve been here 6 years. I max out at 8 weeks.

    I figure that when I can see the computer screen when I close my eyes to go to slepp, 4 hours after I leave, it is time for some time off.

    I’m banking two of weeks from this year for next years Boomershoot and my next vaca isn’t until September so I’m going to hermit down for a couple days.

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