Oh sure, NOW they care.

Anyone who has been wandering around the blogosphere for any length of time remembers the attack in Fallujia that killed the four Blackwater contractors whose body parts were paraded around and then their charred corpses hung from the bridge near where the attack on their vehicle happened.

You probably also remember the reaction from the left, and namely, Markos Moultas Zuniga (aka Kos). His “Screw Them” remark showed anyone who was willing to pay attention just what the left thought of their fellow Americans trying to secure the freedom of the Iraqi people, be they in or out of uniform. The reactions from his readers and the sycophantic leftist websites were supportive of Kos’ disregard of the men, their families and everything those men were fighting for.

So now the families of some of the contractors are suing the Blackwater company for the men’s ‘wrongful death’ and the Klueless Kos Kids are all over it, celebrating the idea that one of the largest securities companies in the US will have to go in front of a judge.

Not a single word about how the actual people responsible for the deaths of those four men, the Fallujia insurgents who danced over the dead bodies, was included in either the linked news story, the post over at dKos, or the comments on the post.


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