More Rumor

Lee at Right Thinking has a link to a CNN report that talks about FOX radio host Tony Snow ascending into McClellan’s old job as White House Press Secretary.

I had thought the rumors of Snow being a candidate were pure rumor and passed them off as such. This is either some good misinformation or some good news. While I’m usually asleep during his show, the bits I have caught were pretty decent and we know that he can talk the talk (and he has quite the opinion of Helen Thomas).

The entirety of the left and the media (Redundancy Alert!) already believes that FOX is the White House’s propaganda organ, but if Snow actually moves into the spot, that could be a whole news cycle in and of itself.

I don’t think I have used the term “Sh*t Purple Twinkies” in describing media reaction, but I think that it would fit here,

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  1. Rivrdog says:

    I listen to Tony Snow, and did the two days following the McClellan announcement from the White House.

    With no notice, Snow suddenly stopped offering ANY criticism of Bush on ANYTHING, and actually started toeing Bush’s (vague) line on immigration.

    I’d say that Tony Snow considers himself a candidate for the job.

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