Into the Belly of the Beast

This morning, we’re scheduled to depart London’s Waterloo Station on the Eurostar train through the Channel Tunnel.

Waterloo.jpg     Eurostar Waterloo.jpg

The Eurostar will take just two-and-a-half hours to deposit us in Paris. We’ll arrive Monday afternoon. At the time I wrote this (Thursday, April 6), it appeared that the protesters were going to take a break for the Easter week and give the government until April 17th to repeal or modify the law that’s giving the snotty non-Muslim French students and their unionized parents such fits. So we may not see any violence.

The effect of the law will be to instantly swell the entry-level labor market with a bunch of Muslim youths who, their affinity for burning cars aside, have made it clear all along that they are not content with sitting on their asses soaking up French welfare, but in fact are desperate to work. The new law’s probably an indirect attack on union dues income, too, although I last studied French politics in 1988, so I don’t know that for certain.

lazy frog.jpg

Anyway, if the lazy frogs erupt in protest while we’re sipping a beverage in a Parisian cafe, we’ll be sure to get photos like good tourists. I’ll count myself successful if I can get a closeup or two of a crowd-control water cannon.

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