I’m not feeling so lazy anymore

Aaron at the FreeWillBlog notes that Volkswagon is planning on working it’s employees to the bone.

As part of its reorganization plans, Volkswagen is considering increasing its employees’ work hours. Reuters reports that management has requested the VW work council to consider gradually phasing back the 35-hour work week among its members. Currently employees work a standard 28.8-hour work week.

I recently got my hours cut back to the 45-50 hours per week mark from an average of 60 hours per. I was glad I got the raise I got a few weeks back because those first few checks seemed dinky.

If those employees bitch about VW taking away some of their lederhosen-wearin’ time away I may just have to come up with some choice words for them.

And I’d really like to see the productivity numbers of German assembly plants versus the ones in the US.

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  1. Rivrdog says:

    The interesting thing about this is that most of the workers are immigrants from the Middle East or Southwest Asia (ragheads).

    There may be more to this than just a wage-and-hour beef, it could be an uppitty-Muslim thing as well.

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