I’m a free man!

For the next nine days or so, as of 0500 this morning.

My apologies for yesterday’s blackout. I would like to sincerely thank Hosting Matters for getting us back up as fast as they did, even if it wasn’t before I had to catch some Z’s. Everything I wanted to post yesterday is up today, except for one I’m saving for Monday. The Professor has even stopped by to offer his words on the haps with Jumpin’ Johny Jihad.

Anyway, I’ll be in and out today and then I’m going to the Teamster shindig this afternoon. From what I heard of the reading of the written contract, everything sounds hunky-dory with them, so I don’t have to be worried about getting slathered in BBQ sauce upon arrival.

But before that, I think I have a couple dozen emails I’ve let stack up that I’ve got to get to.

In the meantime, I’ll be nose deep in the catalog I finally recieved from LMC Truck Parts. They’ve been well recommended from other guys I know who have bought stuff through them. Anyone else heard any different?

Later, tater.

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11 Responses to I’m a free man!

  1. Ed Campbell says:

    Great site, I was drawn to it after reading the title. I worked on nuke weapons for the AF for 28 yrs before it quit being fun.

    I have experience with LMC parts for a Ford F250 (1973) and an 84 Jeep Wagoneer. The dimensions were right on, good as the original and the finish was good as well.


  2. In terms of “borrowing” and “blog-sitting,” you are lying.

    Fact 1: Your blog is registered to an address that no longer belongs to the person to whom your blog is registered.

    Fact 2: Your blog is registered to an email address that no longer belongs to the person to whom your blog is registered.

    Fact 3: Your blog is registered to a telephone number that no longer belongs to the person to whom your blog is registered.

    Fact 4: The person to whom your blog is registered no longer lives in the United States.

    Fact 5: The person to whom your blog is registered has provided a fake address for his own blog.

    Fact 6: You have been previously notified of this deception and have failed to do anything about it.

    Fact 7: You now have a very brief opportunity to correct this false information and to provide the correct information to your ISP.

    Fact 8: If you fail to take advantage of Fact 5, I will report all of these deceptions to the apropriate American and Canadian authorities.

  3. Analog Kid says:

    So, are you going to give me a time limit like the last jackass who thought he was proving “a point”? I was pretty sure I caught that virulent prick up from Carl’s place.

    I warned you about turning this into some sort of stalker thing, Brendolina. You need to up those meds and leave me the hell alone.

    Or is this some sort of threatening procedure that you got out of Zuniga’s handbook on how to debate when you don’t have any facts on your side?

    Everything on this site, including the registration is up to date as of 08/05 when he quit blogging here. If he moves or I move, neither of us has to tell the server host. A domain is not a driver’s license. You can take your “point” and shove it straight up your whowhatsis or wherever feels good to you. Until then, I’m good to go and you’re just a sore loser who can’t deal with the fact that you can’t prove your point with actual factuals.

    Keep your threats to low-grade trolls. In the past, you’ve called me a racist, a sexist and an anti-semite. None of those hats fit on my head, Brendolina, so you might try them on your own head before handing them out to others.

    Until later, have a crappy weekend,

  4. You might want to read this article before you go any further.

  5. Analog Kid says:

    Actually Brendilina, YOU might want to read that article before YOU go any further.

    I’m pretty sure you can read, Brendolina, so why don’t you try going to the first sentence, 5 paragraphs down, where you will find the following,

    “The responsibility for WHOIS entries falls on the registrars who take the money to set up the domain name with the registry operator.”

    Oooops, exactly like I said, not my problem. Take your beef and your factless threats somewhere else, child.

  6. So your defense is that it is OK to supply false information to the company who registers the domain for you?

    Oh, that’s right, you’re a Republican. Lying is a way of life for you guys.

    I gueess we will see if your fraud is OK with anyone except you.

  7. Analog Kid says:

    Apparently you still can’t comprehend the english language, Brendolina.

    No one supplied any false information, the company who gets the info from the company used to register the domain (you know, the people whose responsibility it is to keep the info current) isn’t updating squat.

    I’ve supplied the host with my name, address telephone number and credit card number, they’ve sent it off to the domain registrar, but they’re too lazy to put the new info in.

    There isn’t a fake conspiracy that you can’t sniff out like a fart in an elevator, is there, Brendolina?

    Oh that’s right, you’re a Democrat. Being a permenant victim is a way of life for you guys.

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  9. Kyle says:

    Brenda– Point A– you are wasting your life.

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  11. Mahg says:

    I think it’s appropriate to mention that there’s no laws requiring whois entries to be authentic and accurate.

    You can put whatever the hell you want in there, it doesn’t make a lick of difference.

    Many registar companies allow users to edit their whois entries, or offer “stealth” modes for extra coinage.

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