I can hardly wait

For the ‘Letters to the Editor’ that will flood into the Seattle Times for printing Jonah Goldberg’s column this morning titled “Al Gore’s environmental jihad”.

Meet Al Gore, scaremonger. In 2004, Gore denounced President Bush for “playing on our fears.” Today, he is at the forefront of a “green scare” about global warming intended to terrify Americans into submitting to his environmental policies.

And that is just the first paragraph.

The Seattlite greenweenies, or at least the ones who can read,¬†should already¬†be writing in to the paper demanding that ‘their side be heard (nevermind that their side is heard ever single day).

I fully expect one of the Times’ own eco-freaks to write a rebuttal full of hyperbole and environmental half-truths int he next couple days, and when, not if, my prediction is fulfilled, I will link to it here for y’all to giggle at.

My only question is if you want the letters printed or just linked to?

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