Exhibit A

Of an Expert Level Fisking.

I’m not all that good at fisking, so I don’t do it much around here. I’ll get about halfway through ripping some dingleberry a new sphincter and then get bored with it.

I’m a Gen-X’er and I have a short attention span, I guess.

My other excuse is that I’m woefully over-critical of myself and am willing to just let some else do it, because surely they can do it better.

I’m glad I never saw the article that Keving Baker of The Smallest Minority took to Fisky-town.

I would have had to burn the thumbdrive my fisking was stored on just to make sure all the evidence of my piss-poor fisking skills was destroyed.

Please remove all breakables. OK? Go. Read. Now.

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  1. Barb says:

    Thanks for the great pointer – I stand in awe of such skill at fisking! I get tongue tied when faced with such stunning stupidity, my own self 😉

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