Der Kommuten Pt. 2

A couple weeks back I posted about looking for a commuter vehicle to keep the miles off the “Crown Victoria with an 8ft bed”, my F150. I’ve read the suggestions and hymmed and hawwed over a couple passing thoughts of what I should do and have come to the conclusion that I’ll be purchasing a 1978 to 1986 Toyota SR5 2WD pick ’em up truck.

Like this


After looking around at the prices (when I could even find examples to compare) I realized that finding a usable Celica with decent body work will run me close to $2K, the rest of the examples being just too beat up. The same goes for the Corolla GTS’s or the Series 2 Celica Supras. It is near impossible to find an example of either one that hasn’t been knocked around for less than $3k. The Celica All-Trac’s are all running over $5K and even at that price, I haven’t found one that won’t need drivetrain work.

I can snatch up one of these SR5’s for under $1500, or $2000 for an 88-90, it’ll have 170-200K on the odometer, but that is really not all that much for one of these trucks. I personally know of three that are getting close to half a mil with not much more than head gaskets at 300-350K. After I came to this conclusion, I started calling the owners up, but none of them would part with their trucks for anything short of a mint.

The mileage will be more than comparable to what I want and am getting now with the F150 (20-25MPG) and if I can find one with a canopy, I won’t even have to worry about taking it out on trips to the rifle range.

So, if you’re in the Pac NW and know of anyone who is thinking of selling theirs this summer, send them here and I’ll make them an offer.

The truly sick part of this decision is that the Analog Mom and StepDad had an 84 with a canopy that looked damn near like the one in the above pic that the used to tow behind their RV. It had some carb problems that caused cold bloodedness but was nothing too difficult to fix. Unfortunately, for me anyway, they traded in on their new ‘behind the RV’ ride, a KIA about 18 months ago.

I wanted to buy it from them then, but didn’t have the cash. How does that saying go about having ‘Loved and Lost’?

Umm, yes, I do also have an ulterior motive with this decision. But you are going to have to wait until tomorrow for that.


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5 Responses to Der Kommuten Pt. 2

  1. Rivrdog says:

    I know that you are partial to Toy Autos, and I’ve had two myself, but for a work commuter, you can get a more comfortable, quieter ride for those bucks, or less.

    Look around for an 80’s or early 90’s K-car. Plymouth Reliant or Dodge Aries. You might even find a nice wagon that will haul all your range gear.

    Sturdy and reliable, the Chrysler 4-banger sideways engine is easy to service, cheap to replace. The upholstery is simple and sturdy, and since there are quite a few in junkyards, there are plenty of seats to swap out.

    $1,000 will find you a nice K-car with decent chassis gear left on it.

    And, you’re driving American.

  2. texasred says:

    if you got one with the 22R motor in it, its a keeper. they are tough as nails.

    take it form a 20 year “ford” mechanic

    But for a big truck you made the right choice with the F150

  3. Analog Kid says:

    Thanks for the advice, RD, but I will never own a front wheel drive vehicle. I don’t feel the need to be drug along like that.

    Thankee Tex. You may have discovered my ulterior motive.

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  5. Kirk says:

    you already have a truck… save those sheckles and get the supra…


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