Coffee, Tea, or Pee

With the move all over and things having started to settle down here at the new Casa de Analog, the wife decides she is going to splurge a bit and went and got one of those water coolers that has the 5-gallon jug sitting atop of it. I’d show you a picture, but the damn thing doesn’t seem to exist on this here internet thingy yet.

I’m liking it alot because City of Tacoma water is just about the nastiest water I’ve tasted in my life, pretty much like what I figure urine tastes like, and while it checks out OK for washing humans, dogs and dishes, I’m not going to drink or cook with the crap.

The machine not only cools water to a chilly 35 degrees, it also heats it up to damn near a boil, which brings me to my topic for the day: Hot drinks.

Before I met the Analog Wife, I was an avid tea drinker. When there was time for a quite day or evening, I could drink myself some Lapsang until my kidneys begged me to stop. Pouchong was my standby/Iced Tea/Thermos mix and I kept some cutsey little Jasmine seashell teas around for when women I thought highly enough of to have over would stop by.

But it has been over six years since I’ve even used my infuser. I found it in amongst the stuff I took out of storage and I’m looking to put it to use in short order.

I’ve Googled “Tea” and “Tea Distributers” and a number of other things and I have found a couple different places that’ll sell what they say are quality teas over the interweb.

But I want to hear from the tea-totalers out there about what you drink, where you get it and how to get good Oolong without going through the Chi-Coms.

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7 Responses to Coffee, Tea, or Pee

  1. Earl says:

    The best tea available on the web –

  2. Rivrdog says:

    In a word, Murchie’s. The Canadian tea merchant has it all, at decent prices, too.

  3. Rimfirejones says:

    Since Earl and Rivrdog have already let you in on all you need to know about WebTea®…

    Oolong? Love Oolong time, Joe.
    Don’t know where to source it without the commies getting a piece of the business.

  4. Analog Mom says:

    Check out You could order on-line from them, but even better – the shop (quite tranquil and quirky) is just down the road in downtown Oly. You could grab the Mr. and go shootin at the pistol range and me and Missy could go shoppin – for you, of course.

  5. David says:

    Kinda odd — I thought California was the only place with bad-tasting water. When I moved to Davis, the “welcome wagon” package included a friendly notice from the water district that they’d improved to the point that they only violated Federal drinking water standards 20% of the time. (!) (Davis water is about the “hardest” water I’ve ever encountered. It corrodes your typical bathtub faucet within a year.) When we moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, the water tasted little different. Around here, people drink bottled water for a very good reason — the tap water tastes awful.

    Growing up in Oregon, the tap water was great. I always figured it was because of the high amounts of steady rainfall throughout the year keeping the reservoirs freshly filled, so that we weren’t drinking groundwater. I’m surprised that Washington has bad-tasting water.

  6. Walter says:

    There is a good Seattle based tea shop known as the Tea Cup. They have both a retail stop in Queen Anne and large Internet mail order business.

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