A Funny Thing Happened

On my way to the Toyota truck of my want.

In the midst of my posts last week talking about the Toyota commuter truck I wanted, one of my co-workers, Don, rolled into work in one of these


I stole that pic from the Dodge website, but it is an exact match for his new one, almost down to the horse trailer.

Now, being that I work with a bunch of men who drive trucks for a living, when something like that rolls into the parking lot, we all have to go take a look. I think it’s a law, or something?

After we’re done looking at it, I ask him what the fate of his old horse hauler was, as I was planning on buying a full size hauling truck in the future since my F150 is the definition of “Light Duty Truck”. He replies that that is a very good question because his wife went along with the deal on the Dodge providing that he got rid of all of his other trucks lighter duty than the Dodge.

We hymm and haww for a minute, and he gives me his best price. I agree that it is the best price I’ve ever heard for a truck like his and readily accept. I won’t reveal that price at this time, and this is why:

I think everyone has passed up on a deal and then spent a good deal of time afterwards kicking themselves in the ass for not taking it. Well folks, the price was that good. I also accepted a price that good on something else that Don had in his driveway. When I take delivery of that, probably this upcoming weekend, I will reveal both prices.

So now, I would like you to meet the new edition to the Analog Automotive Family.

His name is Grimm.


Grimm is a 1977 Ford F250 4×4. He is powered by a 351M (known as the ‘Modified’ or ‘Michigan’ 351) which transfers it’s power into a C6 auto transmission and he rides on a factory ‘Highboy’ suspension.

Grimm has a ding here and some mild body cancer there, but they’re in the bed and totally repairable. He will not win any beauty contests, but he is a solid SOB and works like a truck is supposed to: just turn the engine over and away he goes.

As with most things automotive, I have an ulterior motive in buying Grimm. I will reveal that, as well some of the upgrades I have in store (and will blog the installation of here), later this week.

Don is also selling two other mid-70’s Ford trucks; one F150 and one F250. Both of them are two-wheel drive standard cabs and both are going for prices that, if I had more room, I’d snatch up in a heartbeat. If you’re in or near the Seattle/Tacoma area and want to make a deal, leave a comment here with a good email addy and I’ll fill you in.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going for a drive.

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10 Responses to A Funny Thing Happened

  1. Jimro says:

    Good buy on Grimm, those old Ford’s have hellastout axles and transfer cases.

    Remember to drop out of 4 wheel drive before you hit pavement tho, my dad was comming off dirt onto pavement and snapped the front driveline at the CV joint on his 76 Ford F250. Repairing (cheaper than replacing) a CV joint is an afternoon job at best, and longer at worst.

    That is a beaut of a truck tho, and a darn good engine.


  2. Kirk says:


    And I thought that you wanted something more fuel efficient…

    Have fun with it…

  3. freddyboomboom says:

    My Uncle Dan had a ’70s era Ford that had the bed rot away. This was over a decade ago in Alaska… He built a flat bed for it out of railroad ties. Very sturdy, and he was able to build a kind of crane type thing he used to load the bed up with cut timber for firewood. I’ll have to dig out the picture I have of it loaded up and send a copy to you…

  4. David says:

    It’s a Ford! (shakes head)

    Still, looks like a good purchase for the purpose, especially with an EMP-proof engine.

    I’m typing this in a Paris internet cafe, where they don’t use QUERTY keyboards, goddq,mnit! I’ve become very familiqr with the bqckspqce kye:

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  6. John C. Wilson says:

    I’ve been thinking about acquiring a truck similar in age to Grimm. Living in the People’s Republic of California, I have to put up with the DMV (no cute acronym for this) and any vehicle with a catalytic converter gets a smog check every two years (or more frequently if the lottery for the older cars comes up)
    Does Grimm have a catalytic converter?

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  10. ray gallagher says:

    I recently was talked into by a good friend to get out of truck demo derby s , and thought id like getting into truck pulling, i said ” yeah but what kinda truck do i get?” he told me a 1977 ford f-250 high boy would be perfect. But after the junking gold rush, if it didn’t run it was junked —i didn’t think i would ever get let alone find a truck like that. But good luck hit, a guy i worked with told me he had a 250 , good shape, 351m, 4 speed , divorced transfer Dana 60 rear /44 front.i went to look at it and bam it was everything i hoped for and moreim hoping to have him done in time to run a couple pulls —so far ive put on a set of hedman headers with purple horny glass packs , new set of super swampers slt 8 ply , class 5 hitch and will be doin body work in the near future Oh by the way his name is REBEL — I HOPE MY FORD WILL BE A CHARACTER LIKE GRIM , HAPPY BDAY GRIM!!

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