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Too Smart For Their Own Good

I get about one of these a month, but I want to share last night’s with you because it is just so damn Typically Seattle. The customer is a coffee shop, actually a chain, probably one you’ve heard of. The … Continue reading

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Give Until It Hurts

Lucifer called my house this morning asking if I had any spare parkas I would like to donate. It seems the demons are freezing their cheeks off. And it’s all because GreenPeace actually got one right. Head on over to … Continue reading

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Remember ‘The Count’

From Sesame Street? I am going channel him as I write this and we’ll see how many left wing talking points Nancy Pelosi can squeeze into a single speech. Ready? Here we go… If you want to reduce our dependence … Continue reading

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His disappointment is painfully obvious

Yesterday Drudge did a write up about how the sales of the book from the leader of the Klueless Kos Kids aren’t exactly what you’d expect from a guy who claims to get 100K hits a day. A book hyped by major … Continue reading

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I’m not feeling so lazy anymore

Aaron at the FreeWillBlog notes that Volkswagon is planning on working it’s employees to the bone. As part of its reorganization plans, Volkswagen is considering increasing its employees’ work hours. Reuters reports that management has requested the VW work council … Continue reading

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