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It’s His Fault

Yesterday, The Baron du Toit posted up one of his hypothetical questions. This go around though, it wasn’t about firearms, it was about cars. Let’s say your rich old Uncle Cedric, who was a car collector, passed away. In his … Continue reading

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Nailed It

The DANE wraps up Christiane Amanpour in a nice little bow First, what she said: When people ask: “Why did the Palestinian people elect a terrorist group?” The answer is because they see them as a lifeline. Each time I … Continue reading

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We Call Leftists “Criminal Enablers” For A Reason

Only ‘best residents’ to be allowed back in St. Thomas complex U.S. Housing Secretary Alphonso Jackson shed little light Monday on the future of public housing in hurricane-battered New Orleans, but said that “only the best residents” of the former … Continue reading

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