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FYI Pt. 2

The spam attack seems to be over and I’ll be setting the controls back to normal. My apologies if it caused anyone from leaving a comment, but turning them up caught 452 spams in under two days.

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What say ye?

There is a question near the end of this, but as I need to give some background on the question, this post is a bit lengthy. If you have your history thinking cap on, head on below the fold.

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I can hardly wait

For the ‘Letters to the Editor’ that will flood into the Seattle Times for printing Jonah Goldberg’s column this morning titled “Al Gore’s environmental jihad”. Meet Al Gore, scaremonger. In 2004, Gore denounced President Bush for “playing on our fears.” … Continue reading

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Oh sure, NOW they care.

Anyone who has been wandering around the blogosphere for any length of time remembers the attack in Fallujia that killed the four Blackwater contractors whose body parts were paraded around and then their charred corpses hung from the bridge near where the attack … Continue reading

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Got Gas?

A couple weeks back when I was talking about extending Grimm’s fuel supply, RNS reader Dagamore stopped by and mentioned bed-mounted combination toolbox/fuel tanks. I’ve heard about them and even seen a few in the past, but at that time, they … Continue reading

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