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Cali vs. Iraq

Victor Davis Hanson compares the two. California doesn’t come off so well. hat tip: Survivalblog. 

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Goin’ to the SHTF Store

So I open up my local paper this Sunday morning to see a full-page ad for the GRAND OPENING!!! of “Your Safety Place. A new store in Dublin [the town a couple of exits away from me] that makes getting … Continue reading

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I got nothin

In fact, I got a whole lot of nothin to post about today. I went on over to the regular leftist haunts and could only come up with the typical snark that really wouldn’t fit anywhere on a day like … Continue reading

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Earth Day Adventures

After tagging along with Miss Cerryl and Miss Selena on Friday, I decided to see if I could find more spirited observances of Earth Day from some of their classmates yesterday. Luckily, I did. While they too sat around and did … Continue reading

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