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13 Kumaon Update

After my earlier post, I found an image of the memorial mentioned in the writeup.   I’m astonished it’s in English. I like the initial four lines very much.

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Apropos of Nothing…

I’ve been getting my pre-Boomershoot fix from Benjamin, who seems suitably excited about going, as Joe Huffman observed. While cruising about in Benjamin’s archives, I noticed this post with musings about the connection, if any, twixt the takbir and Admiral Ackbar, the … Continue reading

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The Day They “Got Over It”

Yesterday at the dKos, diarist ‘NewDirection’ decided he had ‘Gotten Over’ September 11th, 2001. In fact, he got so “Over It” that he put up a poll asking how many other folks had too. According to LGF, the results as … Continue reading

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The 13 Kumaon

A shooting buddy of mine, a Zoroastrian (!) Parsi of Indian extraction, recently borrowed my copy of Frank Miller’s graphic novel 300, so he could read it in advance of the movie. (300 is Miller’s tale of the few hundred Spartans whose … Continue reading

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What is that they say

About the blind leading the blind? Washington state transportation secretary can’t drive Washington state Transportation Secretary Doug MacDonald can’t drive. He told a meeting last night in Everett that he has been unable to renew his driver’s license because he … Continue reading

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