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“I’m from the government”

“And I’m here to help.” Those should be words that make you do one of two things: 1. Run, or 2. Grab you weapon of choice and get behind something impervious to small arms fire. Yet, for some strange reason, … Continue reading

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Scary Gifts

My new city of residence, Tacoma, is looking to add throwing stars and toy/display swords to their list of “Dangerous Weapons”. Why, because someone or a group of someones, are frightened by the sight of them for sale in stores. … Continue reading

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Exhibit A

Of an Expert Level Fisking. I’m not all that good at fisking, so I don’t do it much around here. I’ll get about halfway through ripping some dingleberry a new sphincter and then get bored with it. I’m a Gen-X’er and I … Continue reading

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Please sir, may I have another

Tax? The County Executive of King County, Ron ‘Tax to the Max’ Sims, this week proposed adding .01% to the state sales tax, bringing it up from 8.8% to a 8.9% to pay for, waaaaiiiiit for it…….. a new plan for mass … Continue reading

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I’m going to call it: Executive Oedipal Complex?

But I know there is another word for what the people protesting Cheney’s visit to the Seattle/Everett area in the picture at this leftist site suffer from. I was going to call it some weird offshoot of “Bush Derangment Syndrome”, but they … Continue reading

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