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Back in the USA

My wife and I got back in to SFO yesterday afternoon, and managed to drive home and sleep about twelve hours. One thing about a ten-hour plane ride, you can sure catch up on all the recent movies that you’ve … Continue reading

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Bugout Gear

Last week at this time, I introduced you to my latest vehicle aquisition, Grimm. The next day, I told you my ulterior motive in buying him, besides his “Scares the hell out of yuppies” factor: SHTF transport. I also delayed … Continue reading

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What I Expect

I know haven’t really said anything about the ‘Condolezza Rice/Watermelon’ math question, but I have a halfway decent excuse; because it is what I expect out of academia and the story barely raised my eyebrow when I heard it, and I … Continue reading

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Making Drinkin’ Buddies

It seems that Professor Booty has caught the attention of Bullseye from American Drumslinger out of Fort Liquordale, FL. And then I went and won the ‘Shameless Caption of the Week’ contest. What can I say, we’re just a good … Continue reading

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Try it harder!

I found a link to this at the dKos, highlighted by none other than Markos himself, so be careful with it and don’t go whacking the first hippie you see after reading. It is titled “The Income Gap More Like A Chasm” … Continue reading

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