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A Funny Thing Happened

On my way to the Toyota truck of my want. In the midst of my posts last week talking about the Toyota commuter truck I wanted, one of my co-workers, Don, rolled into work in one of these I stole that pic from the … Continue reading

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Into the Belly of the Beast

This morning, we’re scheduled to depart London’s Waterloo Station on the Eurostar train through the Channel Tunnel.      The Eurostar will take just two-and-a-half hours to deposit us in Paris. We’ll arrive Monday afternoon. At the time I wrote this … Continue reading

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Because They Support the Troops

From the ‘Land of Forgotten Links’ files:  Seattle moonbats are out gathering signatures to put a citywide Citizens Initiative on the ballot in November that would ban military recuiters from city schools. Well, actually, it won’t. Because the city doesn’t … Continue reading

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I just can’t figure out

Why the Seattle Times went through the trouble of importing this article from the LA Times. It couldn’t be bias, right? Border battle is taking toll on desert’s wildlife Mountains of trash, recurring fires, despoiled natural springs, vandalized historic sites … Continue reading

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