Daily Archives: April 6, 2006

The Soundboard: Fitting Tunage

What with all the car talk going on around here lately, is there any other song more fitting that this one from the RNS House Band? Rush – Red Barchetta (Live) From their second live disc “Exit…Stage Left” I don’t think so.

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Famous Last Words

Yesterday in my ode to obtuse Toyota performance engines facts, our good man, Rivrdog, stopped by and said the following Cubic inches beats revving horsepower every day of the week, and twice on Sunday. It is basically the “There’s no replacement for … Continue reading

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No Boomers For Me This Year, Dammit

Last year, immediately after my first Boomershoot, I started making plans for the next one. This seems to be a common practice among attendees. At some level, Boomershoot is the highlight of any given year. For my part, I made … Continue reading

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