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The NRA Jumps In

from Michael Bane’s site, here’s an “unofficial” NRA Office of Legislative Counsel’s summary of the ATFE vs. gunsmiths situation. Excerpt: The Firearms and Ammunition Excise Tax (FAET) is a tax imposed by Chapter 32 of the Internal Revenue Code (26 … Continue reading

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Range Day One Done

Now onto range day two with Mr. Completely. I was off having some light conversations with my rifles yesterday. There were some rough moments because it had been so long, but we got through them and were soon hitting it off, just … Continue reading

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It is human nature to criticize. Because of that, I had somewhat expected my mailbox to have at least a few emails saying I should have left that wierdo McKinney alone yesterday, but apparently no one thought that because there weren’t any. Even Ms. … Continue reading

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