Here They Come

No, I’m not talking about the Monkees (well, I guess I kind of am), I’m talking about the army of gun control lobbyists that will soon be coming to Washington State.

Over the weekend we had a shooting on Seattle’s Capital Hill, deep in the heart of ‘Progressive’ Seattle. Here is the lowdown as told by police officials:

A group of people got together to go to a rave. After the rave, just under a dozen or so of the rave-goers gathered for an after party at the house where the shooting took place.

One of the people left and came back armed with a shotgun (possibly with a sawed off barrel of illegal length), a semi-automatic handgun of unknown caliber, a reported 300 rounds of ammunition, a machete and a baseball bat. He then re-entered the house with the weapons and started firing at those inside killing all but two of them.

A police officer heard the shots and arrived within a minute of the first shots. As he exited his patrol car, he saw the shooter exiting the house with the shotgun in hand. As he drew his weapon and told the shooter to put the shotgun down, the shooter put the shotgun into his mouth and pulled the trigger.

There are some other details that are necessary for the whole view of this story: There was at least one victim who was under the age of 15 in the house. That victim had gone to the rave with the group. the rave’s theme was “Zombies” and reportedly, everyone attending were dressed as zombies.

The first reaction to this story by local media was not one that screamed for gun control, it was for “Party Control”. For as long as most folks can remember, Seattle has had a “Teen Dance Ordinance” that regulated the clubbing availability and ability of anyone under drinking age. It has been tightened and then relaxed and the tightened again so much over the years that I couldn’t tell you the current restrictions without looking it up, but I would think that it is probably a lot more liberal than when I was underage (just a mere dozen years ago), and back then, even though everyone complained about it, it wasn’t as bad as they made it out to be.

The reaction by the left to the suggestion of tightening up controls of where teens can go was to cry about the civil liberties of persons under the age of 18 because, as we all know, kids are all such responsible individuals at the age of 16 and only choose to hang around people who will be beneficial to their well-being and that they should be allowed to do whatever they want.

So the media quited down about that.

Then, Seattle Police Chief, Gil Kerlikowske, held a press conference where he said the following:

“He was carrying a 12-gauge pistol-grip shotgun. And of course as everyone knows, a pistol-grip shotgun is designed not for hunting purposes, but for hunting people. He also had a semi-automatic handgun, and he fired multiple rounds with both weapons.”

You may remember Kerlikowske as the police chief who, early last year, left his service pistol in his unmarked car, which was subsequently broken into and the pistol stolen.

The Glock 26 has yet to be recovered.

Last Friday, the rabid local anti-gun group, Washington Ceasefire, awarded Kerlikowske for something, though no one is quite sure what for exactly. Then this happens Sunday morning. Then Kerlikowske gives the most anti-gun press conference I have heard live in a good while.

And now the cries for massive gun control have started. Local leftists, Goldy and Carl, or as I like to call him, Loser Carl, both say that more regulation would have stopped the murders, though because the nature of how the shooter ended up with the firearms hasn’t been released, neither of them can offer one bit of proof as to how, just that more regulation is necessary.

One aspect that hasn’t been explored by anyone yet, and for the life of me, I don’t know why, is the drug angle.

Raves are notorious for drug use, yet no toxicology reports have been released for either the shooter or the victims, but I will place $20 down right now that the shooters comes back with one, if not more of the following drugs: Speed, Cocaine, LSD, MDMA (aka Ecstacy).

Any one or any combination of those illegal substances could cause someone whose mental state is already unstable to go over the edge and commit murder without provocation. Imagine that you add those drugs to a person surrounded by “zombies”. When the guy came back to the house with the firearms, he came loaded for bear with supposedly 300 rounds of ammunition and multiple weapons.

But that is of no matter to the media or the left (redundnacy alert), in their minds, it must have been the inanimate tools speaking to his subconscious from miles away.

Washington gun owners, Seattle and King County ones especially, are going to have a rough time of it for a while, I think.

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5 Responses to Here They Come

  1. I’ve been following this too…I’m reasonably certain that when they talk about “300 rounds” they’re including the ammo for the Bushmaster he left in the truck. I saw on NWCN this morning that SPD was showing off the guns, and I saw at least 5 30 round mags for the Bushmaster (including three clipped together in some manner.)

    I doubt if he had more than 50 rounds for the shottie and 50-75 for the pistol.

    Sidenote: He was at a party full of folks dressed like zombies. He took the shottie and pistol and left the poodleshooter in the truck. Wonder if that answers all those “Which gun for zombies?” thread on the gunboards?

  2. Barb says:

    It’s the numbers of misdirection, of course. We keep hearing about how many rounds he *had*, but the reports I’ve read say he fired less than 10 times. Who gives a rats ass how many rounds he had in the truck, as HL states?! Plus, as I noted – the idiocy of the teenagers being at this party, not just under the drinking age, but under 18, is amazing. Their parents are idiots.

    I’m with you, AK – drugs are going to be involved in some way. I feel for this guy’s twin brother – but I would also be watching the dude.

    LOL at the ‘which gun for zombies’ sidenote!

  3. Goldy says:

    Through the magic of Sitemeter referrals I found your blog, and I have a question: are you lazy, or just dishonest? In either case, you trivialize what I wrote. You claim:

    And now the cries for massive gun control have started. Local leftists, Goldy and Carl … both say that more regulation would have stopped the murders, though because the nature of how the shooter ended up with the firearms hasn’t been released, neither of them can offer one bit of proof as to how, just that more regulation is necessary.

    Hmm. What I actually wrote was:

    As Dan points out, a reasonable reaction to the tragic shootings might be to discuss gun control or the adequacy of our mental health services.

    I didn’t advocate for anything. All I suggested was that a discussion about gun control would be a more reasonable reaction than a movement to restrict teen dances.

    But then, I’m the enemy, so I guess it’s just okay to mischaracterize what I write to suit your purposes.

  4. AnalogKid says:

    Welcome, Goldy, glad to see the technology of the Sitemeter doesn’t frighten you.

    First off, I did neither thing you accuse me of, nor am I lazy or dishonest. Your finding even the discussion of gun control reasonable, especially finding it more reasonable than regulation of the activities that teens may engage in, is advocacy of the possibility of gun control, pure and simple.

    As I pointed out in my post, no one knows how or where the shooter got his firearms, so anyone calling for any discussion of new gun control measures is reacting out of sheer lunk-headedness and not logic or reason.

    Since your post, it has become known that the shooter has been the owner of the shotgun used in the killings since before he moved to Washington State. So now all the “Gun Show Loophole” whiners can go sit and spin, their cries are for naught.

    Gun control advocates are running around like spoiled children demanding to know where the firearms came from, but no one seems to want to know how whacked out of his skull the shooter was. Nor is anyone asking if anyone else there was under the influence of drugs.

    So now, not only have you advocated for the “reasonable discussion of gun control” you have ignored the high-probability that drugs may have played a major part in this case.

    My advice to you is 1. Do not write on people’s blogs, calling them names and accusing them of things they did not do after you get done at your Drinking Liberally gathering, and 2. Learn what ‘conveyance’ is. If your English teacher was any good, you’d already know.

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