The Left found a way

To blame the US for Hamas’ victory in the PA ‘Elections’.

It was easy, they just buddied up with the Saudis

A confidential Saudi report prepared just weeks before the Palestinian elections predicted a Hamas victory in Gaza and the West Bank and puts the blame on the United States: “By failing to strengthen (President Mahmoud )Abbas’s position, the U.S. has paved the way for a Hamas victory,” states a document prepared by the Saudi National Security Assessment Project.

“Moreover, the U.S administration’s faith in the power of elections to transform people makes it oblivious to the possibility that the democratic process is often a double-edged sword which can have unintended consequences,” goes on to say the policy brief delivered last Dec. 27 by the SNSAP’s director, Nawaf Obaid.

Furthermore, the brief states that the U.S. failed to press “Abbas to implement his commitments to security and disarmament, and has not succeeded in convincing donor nations to fulfill their pledges for financial assistance to the Palestinians.”

Now, I’m not just pulling this out of my ass. I was listening to the Seattle Air America affiliate on Friday afternoon and heard Al Franken talking to Martin Indyk, former Clinton ambassador to Israel, current Director of the Saban Center for Middle East Policy and Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute.

Indyk was saying exactly that it was Bush’s trust in elections and his steadfast demand that they stay on schedule that caused Hamas’ win last week.

Maybe it was, but I seriously doubt that delaying the elections would have made them go off any smoother or changed the outcome.

The only reason I need to believe that is contained in this Cox and Forkum cartoon.

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2 Responses to The Left found a way

  1. Raging_Dave says:

    The palestinians did us a favor when they elected a group of terrorist pig-fuckers to run their “country”. With Hamas in charge, we no longer have to pretend that the palestinians are anything but a group of murdering psycopaths. We don’t have to play nice anymore.

    I’d say that’s a step in our favor. It’s not like Fatah and Hamas had greatly different philosophies anyways. One just lied about their goals better.

  2. Of course, Carter was there to oversee and ensure the correct outcome – Bwaahahaha! Carter!!

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