We’ve Spoken About This

Looting in New Orleans

We all knew it would happen. Some of us have prepared for it.

Here is a link to the ‘By Ourselves, For Ourselves’ series that I have yet to finish. Unfortunately, the archives are still down so Parts One and Two are not available yet. They dealt with firearms, ammunition and the distribution of them which I’m sure most of us can figure out.

Since I am ‘Cold, Mean, Heartless and Cruel’ (or so I’ve been told), I would not only have declared Martial Law and dusk to dawn curfew orders, I would have issued ‘Shoot On Sight’ orders. Even for those looting for food.

Sorry folks, but they had three days to buy that exact food and/or evacuate beforehand and their entire adult lives to prepare for a natural disaster. I mean, fercrisakes, they live in a region that gets hit by some type of hell every year.

I was listening to loony local leftie Mike Webb on the radio last night and he was able to justify, in his mind at least, the looting of televisions and other big ticket items in the wake of the devastation.

I cannot.

On his show, a woman called in claiming to have spoken to relatives in Baton Rouge and described the looting of the Winn-Dixie as so bad that people were dragging the store shelves home.

Anecdotal, to be sure, but believable. Desperate people will steal anything.

Which is why you really need to get yourself prepared. Not only will desperate people steal anything, over time, they will go to extreme lengths to get it, including kill you.

Be ready for everything, everyday.

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