Truth May Be Stranger Than Fiction

But some people’s fiction is way dumber than truth.

Take, for instance, Klueless Kos Klanmember, G2geek’s moonbattery about ‘The Stroke Conspiracy’

This may sound terribly tinfoil-hat of me, but I think there’s something uncomfortably improbable about this:

a) A major figure in the civil rights movement.
b) The mother of a major figure in the peace movement.
c) The leading D in the Senate.

All suffering strokes of one degree or another, within a few days of each other.

At very least, a few things deserve to be looked into, to put this issue to rest one way or the other.

1. Are there any known means of inducing a stroke, either by some kind of drugs or toxins, or by other means such as focused microwave radiation directed toward the target?

2. Were there any irregular activities noted in the vicinity of all of these individuals? Any suspicious patterns?

3. Comparisons with statistical probabilities among equivalent demographic groups, and then comparisons between both the individuals above and comparable individuals on the other side of the fence.

Stroke should be normally distributed with respect to political affiliation, so there should be no difference between incidence among dissidents or opponents of the regime, and incidence among supporters of the regime.

Whoa pal, you may need to up the psychotropic meds there. You’re getting too close to the moon.

Yeah, the guy doesn’t want to believe in a conspiracy *cough*bullshit*cough*, but if you read down a bit further, the weirdness continues,

MLK and RFK and Fred Hampton were all shot by the government. people were outraged.why can’t it be possible that the evil doers who rule earth improve their methods?do you think wellstones death was life?

If you had trouble reading that, it wasn’t because the guy can’t punctuate or capitalize properly, it is because he has sunk to the bottom of the deep end and you all probably can’t see that far from the sane edge of the pool.

Link found at Drumwaster’s Rants

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