Sometimes ‘Nay’ Means ‘Nay’

So now that the world is pretty much done laughing at Washington State after the story about the guy who was ‘getting the shaft’ from his horse and died from it, a local state Senator, Pam Roach is trying to do something about our lack of laws against bestiality.

And then we have Seattle Post-Intelligencer columnist Robert L. Jameson, Jr. saying that Roach is going to extremes and jumps all over her because while she is pushing this law to make bestiality illegal, she isn’t fighting to shut down animal testing facilities, leather makers and butcher shops as well.

Of course the Seattle PI is the local paper who, when it was discovered that the terrorist Asswat had ties to a radical Seattle Mosque and was involved in trying to create a terrorist training ground in Oregon ran a story about the local university on the front page instead of the Asswat one.

So we know that the PI is a left-wing rag not fit to pick up dog crap with, but Jameson’s idiocy is what is really extreme. Check just these few lines out from his August 10th column after talking to her about it,

Roach says I am wrong to say she is wasting legislative time and energy. I shouldn’t be making light of her push to make sex with animals a Class C felony. More than two dozen states have legislation that makes sexual congress with animals a crime.

“Our state has nothing,” Roach says. “No deterrence. … Animals are stimulated to do this. This is not something a stallion wants to be involved with.”

I’ll leave it to Roach to divine what strikes a horse’s fancy, but a horse is the reason she called.

“It’s pornography with animals,” Roach sums up.

Isn’t pornography of the human variety legal so long as children aren’t involved?

“Like a child, an animal cannot consent,” Roach fires back. “No animal is a willing participant.”

The jury is out among experts as to whether sex with animals — clearly repugnant — constitutes cruelty.

The jury is still out on whether bestiality is animal cruelty? What the fuck, is Jameson become Dr. Doolittle now? Does he have some special powers that make him able to get a yes or no answer about consent from an animal?

No consent = Rape

Rape = Cruel

Cruelty + Animals = Animal Cruelty

Jameson is a complete jackass who just hates Pam Roach and is willing to look like a jackass, on the internet no less, so that he can continue hating Pam Roach.

In a minor defense of the Seattle PI, it seems like someone inside the editorial offices there with a couple of actual brain cells read Jameson’s column and they posted this three paragraph statement from the editorial board of the PI.

It should be a no-brainer that animal cruelty laws ought to cover sex acts. But after a Seattle man’s death at an Enumclaw bestiality ranch last month, it became clear that our animal cruelty laws are gutless.

In other words, welcome to Nobrainsville. The legal and regulated hunting of animals in no way grants us a carte blanche on all aspects of animal life. And arguing that animals seem to enjoy the act is a ridiculous and moot point.

If state Sen. Pam Roach, R-Auburn, wants to bring about a law protecting animals from rape, we say: Go for it, Pam. For once, we’re with you.

I don’t get the dead tree edition, so I don’t know where these two columns appeared in respect to one-another, but I doubt that they were on the same page.

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