Not Looking Good

As you’ve probably heard, New Orleans is under a mandatory evacuation order. People are being made to sign waivers stating that they know there will be no emergency services available if they refuse to leave.

When the government is afraid you’re going to sue them, you know there is some bad shit happening.

The reports are coming that the city could easily be put under 15-30 feet of water before this is all over. With the guy who is in charge of the power grid stating that his agency will have to REPLACE the vast majority of the power grid in the aftermath and the fact that the water pumps that keep the city dry run on electricity, packing the Superdome with refugees doesn’t seem the smartest thing to do.

At least the bodies will be easy to gather.

Nukevet Neal lives less than 100 miles from New Orleans. Unfortunately, from this post, it appears that he is stuck in Canada of all places and they won’t let him go home, or at least all flights into Louisiana, except for emergency ones, have been shut down.

Good luck, Neal. Both in getting home to try and batten down and in making it through this hellstorm.

And if afterwards, Pat Robertson gets on the air and tries to blame this on Mardi Gras, Gays, Sodomy, or what have you, watch for me to offer money to kick his ass.

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3 Responses to Not Looking Good

  1. David says:

    Almost a year ago I was in New Orleans for a business conference. I always bring a handgun or two and try out the local shooting ranges. This time, I went to the Gretna Gun Works, a nice little place in a suburb of the Big Easy. It was apparently the oldest continuously operated gunsmith shop in the Mississippi Delta. I tried out my 2004 birthday present — a S&W Model 1917 in .45 ACP — at their range and chatted with the owners about how they see more Colt 1917s in the South than Smiths. Very nice place, great people, and a fantastic selection of old guns for sale and just for looking. Unfortunately, the shop was in a street-level building, and the range was in the BASEMENT — so I think this place is going to be pretty much destroyed after the hurricane. Hope I’m wrong, though. Good luck, guys!

  2. Nukevet says:

    Thanks for the kind thoughts, AK. We’ve made it home, battened down, and getting ready for the big blow.

    New Orleans needs your prayers, good wishes, whatever your inclined to throw her way.

  3. bruizevans says:

    Greetings, I am searching for my cousins who run Gretna Gun Works. Does any body know how they are? They include Tim Zuffle and his mom Chris and others. Am unable to find out anything here in fort Worth. God Bless you, Barbara (Ruiz) Evans

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