My Most Humblest of Apologies, Gentlemen


For not making myself available last week. I was quite busy trying to save the world, James Bond style.

I’m sure you’re saying, “Yeah right, Professor. Just how did you save the world?�

Well, I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you James Bond style as well.

But I CAN show you.


We’ll call this lady “Miss K”.

Ms. K is the mistress of an ambassador in a country that used to be behind “A Curtain” (if you get my drift).

She had some information that our diplomats desperately wanted in regards to a type of weapon that was up for sale and her price was to relocate to friendlier shores.

Now, I know the ambassador I mentioned previously and I was the only one who a certain group of individuals thought he would trust to return his mistress after a thourough examination of the type that only I am experted to proscribe.

I didn’t like taking advantage of the man’s trust in me, but this is national security we’re talking about here.

As for the James Bond stuff I spoke of earlier, it wasn’t the cloak and dagger portion of 007’s job I was speaking of. I figured that if I can escort his mistress off the continent against his wishes, I can do other things she asked of me that he wouldn’t have liked as well.

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  1. H2SO4 says:

    Hommina, Hommina, Hommina

    Best one yet Prof…

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